Sunday, 15 October 2017

Lookout Shelter, Seaton, Devon

A  nice little oddity this. Situated just below the brow of a cliff, and a fairly short walk away from the Labyrinth (as seen in the last post), it's a shelter where you can rest and enjoy the views over the town, beach and sea. Although it's one of those things that are just part of the local landscape, I took some photos of it on a lovely sunny day without intending to do anything with them.  However, I thought it might be interesting to put on the site because of its iconic Devon thatched roof and quirky construction.

I've only ever once sat in this shelter - a good 30 odd years ago -  although I've walked past it many times. There was a bit of controversy about it in the local newspaper a few years ago, because local youngsters were using it as a place for hanging out and drinking. As a town with virtually no amenities for the youth this shouldn't really be surprising and I don't think many people can say they didn't do similar things when they were teenagers!

I tried to find out more about it; when it was buit etc, but haven't been successful. However, I think it's rather lovely, and was quite intrigued to see that it has a tiled floor, and I really like the eroded edging brick exposing the inside (below).

Sadly, it was burnt down a few years ago, although thankfully rebuilt again. I haven't taken any photos of the new one but once the wood and thatch had been replaced it looks pretty much the same, remaining an unusal and lovely lookout.

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